Street children home ‘Fuente de Vida’ in Portachuelo


In Portachuelo, about 80 kilometers from Santa Cruz, Misión Timoteo created a home for boys (between 10 and 15 years old) who had been living on the streets of Santa Cruz and other cities. Most of them are addicted to drugs when they come in. This home is situated on farmland donated by the Dutch embassy.

‘Fuente de Vida’ was constructed in 2003-2004 and opened in 2005. The project has a big living house for the boys with their tutors, several classrooms for teaching, a soccer field, and some houses for the tutors, the volunteers and the director.

It is situated in a beautiful natural area, and there are many animals. It is about 9 kilometers from Portachuelo, where the boys attend school.

Hard werken

The boys get therapeutic treatment based on the following principles:

We want to:

  • introduce the Lord Jesus to these boys
  • show them what it means to live life with the Lord Jesus
  • rehabilitate these boys from addictions
  • educate and guide them
  • place them back in the community in a decent and worthy way

The Farm

The farm is a part of the property. There are horses, chickens and cows. The aim is that the farm will be a therapeutic place for the boys, and that it will partially provide the food for the children’s home in Santa Cruz. We are still working on that part of the program (as it has its ups and downs).

In addition, the farm will be a place where the boys have the possibility to study some agriculture professions and develop valuable job skills.

The farm has its own manager and helpers.